Honda announces 250 dualie using CBR250R motor

It's well beyond time that Honda replaced the CRF230L, and it looks like they've done it right.

Hot on the heels of their ever so successful CBR250R, Honda have given us a sneak peek at their new CRF250L dual sport based around the same 22 bhp, 249 cc liquid-cooled single.

Yamaha and Kawasaki now have some 250 dualie competition from Honda!

Styling is similar to their CRF motorcrossers, though the frame is steel instead of aluminum to keep costs down. It does, however, get USD front forks and fuel injection.

Alas, that is all we know for now, but we will pass on more info as we get it.


  1. Great Honda built a KLX250. They should have invested thier time and money into something that hasn’t been in the market for the last 6 years or so. How about a new XR400L, or maybe a fresh 650?

    • Depending on price, I think this bike fits nicely between the WR250R and the KLX250S.  The KLX is 18 HP with carbs and the WR 25+ HP with fuel injection (but very expensive).  This may give someone the option of reasonable power and fuel injection for a more reasonable price.

  2. I hearby give myself permission to be excited then! No doubt a whole lot more fun – I’d love seat time on either the CBR or this new CRF. One mag recently reported the CBR250R getting fuel mileage of 3L/100km. For a dualie, mileage even close to that would certainly extend rides off the beaten path. 

    • Last week I rode my CBR250R along some country roads at a GPS speed of about 65km/hr to get a sense of the fuel economy the bike could achieve at that speed.  Here are the results:

      Distance……….112.0 kmFuel used…………3.0

      Previously, I have ridden the bike on a loop that includes a combination of mostly highway (104km/hr) and country roads (80km/hr), and some city (50km/hr).  Here are the results.Distance……….147.0 kmFuel used…………4.7
      LKm/L…………….31.3MPG……………88.4 (Imperial)Litres/100KM…….3.2

      The new CRF250L will likely be quite a bit lighter in weight compared to the CBR250R.  However, it won’t be as aerodynamically efficient.   Either way, it is evident that they CBR250R engine can produces some good fuel economy numbers.Mike

  3. This motor’s liquid cooled, unlike the previous CRF230’s air-cooled configuration. The little seat time I’ve had on the CBR250R would indicate this new machine would be a whole lot more fun.  

  4. Um… the CBR250R is a 249cc engine which I believe the nice lady at last year’s MMIC show in Toronto told me was 27HP. The current model CRF230L is 223cc, so it seems maybe on this new bike they have just put the injection on from the CBR250R, replacing the previous model’s 30mm CV carb. Still a welcome upgrade but the extra 26cc would have been nice. Power on the CFR230L has described as ‘tepid’, and by all reports the CBR250R is considerably better.

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