Yamaha sneak peak at upcoming Tokyo Show

How cool is that?
How cool is that?















If you’re a Yamaha fan then you may be wondering if they’re planning on doing anything new for 2012. Well, don’t write them off yet as they’ve just put up a web page with some of the new stuff that they’ll be showing at the upcoming Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Isn't it time dualies got funky?

The usual suspects include the updated R1, Majesty 250 and T-Max , and the “Worldcrosser” version of their Super Tenere.

But perhaps the most interesting are the concept bikes which include a very funky Lego-esque version of the XT250 dualie (called the RYOKU) and the 1950s bicycle-with-a-motor-wedged-into-it, Y125 MOEGI – very Mad Bastardish.

Check out their Tokyo show web page here.


  1. Sure hope the Yamaha XTW 250 Ryoku comes to Canada. I’ll buy it in a second. Love the TW 200 but time for an improvement (larger CC’s, 6 speed tranny and maybe more suspension travel)

  2. That’d be a Lego-esque version of the TW200 as opposed to the XT250.  Now, if they’d just put a 350cc single in it…

    Oooowee though, love that Moegi. Priced appropriately I’d be ‘mad’ enough to open my wallet for one of those… 

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