New Honda NC700s

The NC700X gets taller suspension and styling from the Crossrunner.

Honda has unveiled two new variants based on the Integra. Surprisingly they’re not scooter-like machines.

NC700X with available luggage options.

The NC700S and NC700X both use the same chassis, lights, wheels and the 670 cc parallel twin motor that pumps out a mere 47 hp in S form (to match Euro-learner specs) or 51 bhp in X form, but also return a claimed 76 mpg (28km/litre) – that’s about the same as the CBR250R!

The motor comes fitted with Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) as standard in the Integra, but it will be optional in the NC700s, with the standard models coming with a conventional six speed box.

In S form with optional luggage.

The NC700S is a naked road going model with a lower 790 mm seat height, while the X gets the adventure treatment (and styling from Honda’s Crossrunner), which seems to translate to just taller suspension (and a 830 mm seat height); the 17 inch cast wheels remain.

'Tank' area is actually a storage space.

Both bikes come with optional combined braking ABS and have storage for a full face helmet where you think the gas tank may be. The NC700S comes in at 211Kg while the X is a little lardier at 218 kg, though you’ll need to add 4 kg for ABS and another three for the DCT.

Canadian pricing and availability have yet to be announced, though to date the bikes are euro-spec only.

Striped down to the frame you can see the standard chassis used by all three bikes. This is the X version so the suspension is taller but otherwise the foundations are pretty much the same across all three models.

In the meantime, here’s a lovely video:


  1. Please, please, please, please Honda, let Canada have the NC700S and X series. (and Integra). I want the NC700C as a replacement for my long gone Hawk 650GT. The NC700S is the first I’ve seen that I would actually buy since I had to sell my Hawk 8 years ago. Want it!! 

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