V-Strom 650, 1000 get Adventure versions

The DL650 gets aluminum saddlebags, a touring windscreen, and accessory bar for the Adventure model. Photo: Dealer News

Lots of people think their V-Stroms are pretty adventurous, but Suzuki is taking that idea a bit farther.

This week in the U.S., Suzuki unveiled Adventure versions of both their 650 and 1000 V-Stroms, says Dealer News magazine.

What’s so adventurous about them? Well, the 650 Wee-Strom gets aluminum saddlebags, a touring windscreen, and accessory bar, and a price hike as well. The 1000cc bike gets saddlebags and a top case, and a higher price, too.

The DL1000 gets side bags and a top box for its Adventure model. Photo: Dealer News

The luggage should make it easier to pack up your bike and head across the continent, although you’ll have less money for gas after you pay the higher MSRP.

Even if the V-Stroms still don’t appear that well-suited to truly gnarly trails, this is definetely a savvy move by Suzuki. Adventure bikes are selling well these days, as well as touring bikes, and anything Suzuki does to grab a bigger piece of this pie will help their company’s outlook.

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  1. The V-Stroms have been available for a while with the plastic Givi luggage…the touring versions…and most “Adventure” riders don’t really go that far off the beaten path…so complaining about the cast wheels is not a valid point for most purchasers…they are bought for their comfort and ability to go down a gravel or dirt road without getting too squirelly…I would be willing to bet that the test that ‘arris did on the DL650 a couple years ago is much more than most purchasers ever have…and probably more than most of the BMW R1200GS owners ever have as well…they are kind of a posers bike (if they are bought for the ability to go off road…otherwise great touring bikes without getting into the Goldwing arena…”…’cause old guys ride Wings…”)

    Is there a 2012 Suzuki DL1000??  I haven’t seen it on the website…2009 is the Newest model shown…they are kinda dropping the ball when it comes to models…no sport touring bike, and no adventure touring bike (liter class)…I guess the market is still pretty soft, so maybe they are planning a full on assault next year??


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