Friday Fudge

Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

A travelin’ band

Motorcycles are great, but every once in a while you’ll find a situation where another vehicle has an advantage.

Take a van, for instance. Not only can you live in one, down by the river, but their cargo capacity is pretty useful. Say, for instance, you’re a musician – good luck hauling your instruments and sound system to gigs on your motorcycle!

That is, unless you live in Russia. Check out the video below.

Miles per gallon poop

Talk about crappy fuel mileage! Photo: Toto

We’ve seen some crappy motorcycles in our time, but this beats them all.

In an effort to make a bold public statement, Japan’s top toilet maker has built a motorized trike that runs on biogas. Where does the biogas come from? Why, from the toilet that’s integrated into the machine.

Not content with that epic achievement, they’re taking the poopmobile on a month-long tour of Japan, to promote their company’s agenda: to reduce bathroom C02 emissions. And here we thought they were just test-driving prototypes for the next Mad Bastard Scooter Rally …

The toilet doesn’t just turn crap into fuel; it also plays music for spectators, can display messages in the air via an LED lamp, and even talks – it can give you stock market information and tell your fortune.

Story source:

Comfort AND style!

Not your traditional king-and-queen seat. Photo: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Read a lot of motorcycle reviews, and you’ll notice that journalists almost always complain about a motorcycle’s seat. Maybe that explains this photo – with traditional king-and-queen motorcycle seats long out of style, people are turning to ingenious homebrewed solutions.

Photo source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Know your signals

If you go on a motorcycle group ride, you’d best know your hand signals. Need a refresher? Here’s a quick YouTube video with all the essentials. Trust us, there are far more than you’d think.

 Putting the sport in sportbike

Everything is better when there’s a motorcycle involved, right? What about basketball, soccer, or football? Judge for yourself after you check out the video below – there’s a pretty decent dunk by two guys on a stunt bike!


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