Canadians win in Utah

Jesse Sherstan, 999, is cleaning uup in Utah these days. Photo:
Jesse Sherstan, 999, is cleaning uup in Utah these days. Photo:

Utah is ours. Well, at least the state’s Masters of the Mountains race series is.

Albertans Jesse Sherstan and Scott Decker cleaned up in the Utah SportBike Association’s seven-race series this year, with Shurstan winning the championship in the series’ premiere King of the Mountain GTO class. Decker won the championship in the King of the Mountain GTU class.

Decker also took the Middleweight Superbike, Middleweight Superstock, and Heavyweight Superstock series championships, while Sherstan won the Open Superbike and Open Superstock series this season.

This isn’t Sherstan’s first time around in the Master of the Mountains series; he took the King of the Mountain GTU, Middleweight Superbike, and Middleweight Superstock championships last year.

The AMA-sanctioned Master of the Mountains series, run by Miller Motorsports Park, is in its seventh year, and we hear it’s becoming a bit of a destination for Canadians. Still, we don’t know a whole lot about it, except that it’s supposed to be a step below the national level, but still pretty good racing, attracting racers from across the continent. If anyone knows otherwise, or has any other information about the series or Decker or Sherstan’s wins, email us.

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