Video of the week: Saving a crash

We're not 100 per cent sure, but we think Knapp might have the world's biggest horseshow stuffed into the back pocket of his racing leathers.

Ever crash a bike, and then re-run the whole incident in your mind? Sometimes, thinking how you could have pulled off a save, but didn’t, can be just as frustrating as the crash itself.

AMA pro racer Taylor Knapp doesn’t have that worry, though, at least not after the incident in the video clip below. Watch his amazing save, after he almost high-sides it.

0 thoughts on “Video of the week: Saving a crash”

  1. What went through Taylor’s mind as the bike started to slide….

    “Ok, first I’m gonna kick out my right leg to counteract the back wheel stepping out. Then I’m gonna super-extend my left leg into the pavement to get me upright. Then I’ll do a Flying W handstand on the bars just for effect. That oughta get me at least a 9.5 from the French judge.”

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