U.S. Harley dealers warned about selling to Canada

Apparently, some of you have been very naughty, buying parts from U.S. Harley-Davidson dealers and having them shipped north.
Apparently, some of you have been very naughty, buying parts from U.S. Harley-Davidson dealers and having them shipped north.
Apparently, some of you have been very naughty, buying parts from U.S. Harley-Davidson dealers and having them shipped north.

Apparently, lots of Canadians have been buying parts for their Harley-Davidsons from dealers in the U.S.

Its no news to Canadian riders that we’ve been getting ripped off on the exchange rate for years here in the Great White North, and of course some people get around that by buying in the U.S. and having the parts shipped across the border; it’s a great way for riders or independant shops to save a few bucks.

But Harley-Davidson’s head office is taking notice. Cyril Huze says Harley-Davidson is reminding its dealers that selling parts outside their areas is a good way to lose your dealership. That’s sure to catch the attention of some of those shops.

The move is Harley-Davidson’s way of helping their Canadian dealers compete – they don’t have a hate-on for their customers up here. And since most Canadians live within an hour or two of the border, they’ll probably just go down to the U.S. to buy the parts straight from the shop. There’s nothing any head office can do to stop that.


  1. Harley is just a name now not worth what there asking and worst recall on them are way up and if one work on is harley mexico and many other country do there parts so the hell with harley and ride a Indian

  2. I know this is an old article but working at a Canadian HD dealership I see what costs are and have been for years. Don’t blame the dealerships, blame the motor company. Lots of people here have the idea that it’s us charging the ridiculous amounts for parts but it’s not. Canada has always been low on the list of priorities for HD. We could have items backordered for months, yet the US dealerships have the same exact part in stock. The cost we pay is no where near what the US pays so to tell us to adjust our prices is ignorant, we need to keep our doors open. Instead of bitching about our prices, send your complaints where it matters.

    • Yes, and now HARLEY Canada is gone, USA Harley is withholding shipping parts to Canadian Dealers, too! F-;k !! 100,000$ CAD backed up in parts shipped to my local dealer!!! Alone !!!! F’n diks

  3. ok, Harley Canada, here’s my dilemna, I can wait 14 days, your estimate. for a primary cover, or 4 days and go to the states. I don’t care what the difference is pricewise, I just want to be on the road

  4. If the Canadian companies weren’t charging double perhaps the customers would buy from them instead of buying from US companies.

  5. The reason for the higher price is because of the monopoly that Deeley Canada has. Deeley tacks on approximately 10% on all merchandise and bikes for in my opinion greed. I recently had a chrome flaking issue that two independent chrome finishes confirmed was related to the chrome plating process. Harley Canada told me not there problem they do not agree with my experts opinion. You pay a premium and the services isn’t even there. THe experience has left a sour taste in my mouth.  The person that is embarrassed should do some better research. This higher pricing has nothing to do with the Province or the Country. Wake up buddy. 

    • Deeley is dead in Canada. New OEM HD chrome parts however, are tagged with a decal which states: “this part is made of a casting process, with more bull roar about uneven finish quality. Gotta love the Motor Company. Sure. The factory chrome fork legs I just bought for $900.00, are admittedly less quality than paying the cost of chroming my originals. Oh MY!

    • After 41 years they close Hawskberry ontario dealer and now my went with Indian and many of my friend also we will not drive 125 to go to a dealer and 125 to come back and the Harley sould stay with there electric bike a joke that is

  6. — and by the way, I just compared prices for a Kymco Super 8 150cc scooter on both sides of the border between two different dealers. Canada: $3695. USA: $1799.  It’s double for the same bike in Canada.  “higher shipping costs”, or “smaller market” are no excuse for that kind of price gouging.

  7. Braaap, you’ve said much, but still said nothing. Every dealer has different motivations for over-pricing, and for the most part they do it because of the nature of any market: price something for the highest amount that you can get away with. As members of the buying side of the market, we follow our natural (and democratic) instincts: seek out the lowest price possible. 

  8. Some of you need to do your homework on why prices are more in Canada? Ignorance on your part is embarrassing. This country provides many things the USA doesn’t. Seriously it’s embarrassing to hear you guys.  

    • Braaap, putting a reply with no substance (all you did is whine) is indeed embarrassing on your part! H-D USA is protecting Deeley Canada to the point that if you are Canadian they want to force you to buy Canadian at up to 40% more at retail. A lot of corporation wanted “Free Trade” but defined by their actions, we have to conclude H-D USA & Deeley Canada were not part of them. The Canadian system does not work for Canadian dealers/consumers anymore!!

  9. I know of a Honda dealer here that actually charges above mrsp for their parts. They don’t make this known and certainly don’t tell the customers and been doing it for decades. Must be that Calgary and Edmonton are just to far to travel to buy from other dealers, so they get away with it.

  10. In Brazil is the same history. Our dealers charge almost double for the same part, and because of that everybody stops going to dealers after the warranty has ended.

  11. Overcharging by Canadian dealers on everything from parts to bikes themselves (in all brands) appears to be a favored long-time tradition, with some bikes being prices more than a thousand dollars higher in Canada than the USA. It’s time they stopped this nonsense and drop the “it costs more to ship here” excuse. It’s gouging, pure and simple!

  12. Just another step Harley is taking to get customers upset..why not just notify Canadian Dealers to make their prices competitive to the USA? Wouldn’t have a problem and they’d gain respect instead of losing customers to the USA and the import dealers..
    I ride a Harley and will buy where I damn well like!

    • The Reality is its Deeley that is the problem …in the US there are multiple distributors where Deely is the sole distributor of Harley Davidson …..so he can dictate how things go with the brand

      • Deeley has to make their percentage off of every motorcycle and part sold in Canada, That’s why every thing is more in the great white north. It’s not right but what are we to do. The same goes if we order non harley parts. Part’s Canada has this monopoly

  13. My Yamaha dealer in Ontario  is now ordering his parts from a U.S. Yamaha dealer and saving tons and passing on the savings to me.


  14. Harley isn’t the only company with a Cross-border parts pricing discrepancy. My Canadian Vespa dealer is charging me three times what a US dealer would (at least on the part I needed) & Piaggio’s apparently saving costs by shipping via mule train. 

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