This weekend: Corduroy Enduro, Rally Connex trail rides!

On Saturday, head to Gooderham, Ontario to take in the Corduroy Enduro, or Rally Connex's events.
On Saturday, head to Gooderham, Ontario to take in the Corduroy Enduro, or Rally Connex's events.

If your weekend is clear, this Saturday and Sunday would be a great time to head up to the village of Gooderham, Ontario, to take in the Corduroy Enduro or run in Rally Connex’s events.

The Corduroy Enduro is one of Canada’s top off-road racing events, running for over 50 years and attracting top amateur and pro riders from all over North America.

There’s about 130 kilometres of riding, plus five or six special tests each day, along with vintage, ladies, and beginners routes. The winning riders split a $2,500 purse. There’s even a tire-changing contest Saturday night. Want more details? Check out their website here.

Now, the fun doesn’t end there. Rally Connex is also running their Dualsport/Spectator Tour on the weekend at the Gooderham Fairgrounds/Community Centre. Registration begins on Friday night at 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.; on Saturday, there’s breakfast, registration, and a riders meeting starting at 7 a.m., with riders heading out after the enduro competitors leave, returning in time for the endurocross event, followed by dinner.

You’ll need a blue-plated dual-sport with aggressive tires for Saturday’s run; course route is laid out by GPS. The route is about 170 kilometres long, and will be fairly challenging.

Sunday, Rally Connex riders will get up for the breakfast, registration, and riders meeting at 7 a.m. again, then head out to their spectator points before the enduro starts; the tour follows the enduro route throughout the day, so spectators can watch the racers at various points through the course. There will be about 180 kilometres of riding on Sunday.

Cost is $40 per day for the Rally Connex events.

Want more details? Go here for more information.

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