Visionary to import Konker's KSM200, with new 250 engine

The Konker KSM 200 gets an extra 50cc and a new name.

There’s a new twist to the story of the KSM200; now, Visionary Motorsports say they’re going to import the machine to Canada, but now with a bigger 250cc engine.

Many readers will remember the Chinese-built Konker KSM200 that CMG ran as a long-termer last summer; it performed very reliably, and even survived a crash that put tester Kawazacky in a hearse.

Alas, the bike’s importer, Konker, was not so reliable, and some owners were left scrambling, after announcing they were importing a new 250cc version of the bike, the company apparently ceased operations. After that, Alberta-based W.C. Distributing , the outfit that distributes Johnny Pag motorcycles in western Canada, said they were going to bring the bike in.

Now Visionary Motorsports says they're going to import the old KSM200, but with a 250cc engine.

According to Michelle Lehwald, that’s all changed now. Lehwald, formerly a Konker employee who has since been employed by Visionary Motorsports,  says her company is bringing the KSM200 into Canada in its latest incarnation – with a 250cc motor and new rear disc (replacing the 200s drum). As well, she says they’re going to offer parts support for existing Konker owners, making it a lot easier to keep your bike on the road.

The bike will be brought in through Visionary’s connection with Pitster Pro, and will be known as the Pitster Pro XTR250X, with an MSRP of $3,499 and 12-month labour and parts backup. It will feature 17-inch supermoto tires as stock, with a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear dirt wheel setup as optional, for another $600. They’re hoping to have the bike here in late 2011.

'Arris says it's a motorcycle, Kawazacky says it's a scooter. Regardless, the Pitster Pro Classic 125 is a neat little machine, and we may be getting one to test soon.

Beside the new 250, Pitster Pro also has another interesting street machine they’re offering in Canada, the Classic 125.

This bike is supposedly a clone of the old Honda Trail series, with four-speed transmission, 125cc engine, manual or automatic clutch, front disc brake, luggage rack, and fold-down handlebars. MSRP is $1,999; these are already in the country, and we might be getting our hands on one for a test soon. Stay tuned.

You can find out more about Visionary Motorsports here; there’s more information on the Classic 125 here.



  1. I have just received the newest Newsletter from Visionary and immediately noticed the XTR200 in it and recognized it as the KSM200.
    I called them and have confirmation of it to be the x KSM but not as you advertise in a 250cc version, but the old and proven 200cc version, hence the name XTR200X. MSRP is suppossed to be 2,795.-.

    This was the best Bike that Konker ever had and I am very happy to see that Visionary is bringing it in, especially since it gives the KSM200 Owners a place to get parts now. (I personally own 3 KSM200).
    As correctly stated by the CMG Staff, W.C.Distributors tried to make it happen, but instead became the Sole Importer and Distributor for all Johnny Pag Motorcycles for all of Canada and we are bringing in 4 new Models this Year and 2 more for next Year and decided to fully concentrate on this.
    We wish Visionary Motorsport great success in this new for them product and will be always supporting great Distributors like them.
    All the best to them!
    Sven Bernard
    Managing Director
    The “NEW” Johnny Pag Motorcycles of Canada

  2. I owned a KSM200 for 1 year and 2600km, but I replaced it with a CRF230M when the importer and the Quebec dealers droped the Konker brand one after another. It was a good bike, except : the painting and the rustproof protection, the akward battery holder I had to modify in order to fit a Yuasa replacement, the lack of an original rear rack accesory (because I had to cut the original cracking plastics to fit a XT250 rear rack), and the quality of the original motard tyres. The new Pitster Pro XTR250X sounds very interesting!

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