TT Zero still running in 2012

MotoCzysz is sure to be in the running at the 2012 TT Zero, with their E1pc motorcycle.

While the TT Zero race is somehow missing from the 2012 IOMTT preliminary schedule, organizers say the electric motorcycle event is still going to run next year.

Asphalt and Rubber contacted race officials regarding the race after the event mysteriously disappeared from the schedule, and were told the race is still on. But with the new SuperTwins class running in the Saturday slot the TT Zero ran in the last two years, it’s anybody’s guess when the battery bike showdown will take place.

Competition should be even hotter next year. There’s a £10,000 cheque waiting for the first electric motorcycle to achieve a 100mph average lap speed, a mark that Michael Rutter almost reached on the MotoCzysz E1pc motorcycle this year. With the constant improvement in the world of battery bikes these days, you can bet that someone’s going to take that cheque in 2012.

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