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Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

Pushmower power

Tight 'n high haircut? Check. Camo pants? Check. V-twin engine in lawnmore? Check. This guy's ready for some lawncutting action, no matter how serious it gets.

Not that long ago, we told you about the Lawn Way Down here in Friday Fudge. Now, here’s another motorcycle/lawnmower crossover we found online – some dude has hooked his pushmower up to a V-twin motorcycle engine.

It looks like some post-apocalyptic lawn care device straight out of the Mad Max movies, especially when you consider the guy pushing it – his paramilitary look seems to tell us that no matter how serious the grass-cutting business gets, he’s ready to take it on.

We’re guessing those baffles may not go down well with the neighbours though.
Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

A motor with a nickname

Check out Steve Crevier's personalized rocker covers. You'll have to take a close look.

Speaking of V-twin engines, check out this photo of XR1200 Cup series winner Steve Crevier’s bike, who’s had some fun personalizing his motor’s rocker covers.

What’s the reason for the writing? Well, we’ve heard of knuckleheads, panheads, and the like – we theorize that Crevier is developing Harley’s next motor, the (Mr) Potatohead.

A backfiring blockbuster

Some Asian bike thugs have a decidedly different idea of what's tough than their American counterparts. If bōsōzoku gangsters showed up in our neighborhood on these, we wouldn't be too worried.

Sometimes, things just don’t go the way you planned.

For example, look at the woes of the Taiwanese Ministry of Justice. In an effort to gain some good publicity, they decided to co-operate with filmmakers on an epic TV drama showing the exploits of an intrepid, incorruptible crime fighter.

Supposedly, journalists say they chipped in about $1.38 million U.S. to help with the production. But money doesn’t buy everything; for proof, look at the film’s not-exactly-gripping title: Anti Corruption Hero. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that some of the flair was lost in translation.

But a lame name was the least of the production woes once filming began. Apparently, they needed some seedy criminal biker types as extras in this film. No method actors were good enough, they wanted the real thing. After all, what could go wrong when you give biker baddies some easy money?

Plenty. The two-wheeled thugs supposedly kept locals up all night, bringing in all sorts of complaints to the justice ministry, and journalists with Next Magazine allege the cops did little to reign them in, to facilitate the film shoot.

With the report published, the protect-and-serve crowd was left with egg on their face for hiring and associating with undesirables, so they denied everything – they claimed they’d never given the film any money, or had anything to do with hiring the gangsters.

Since they’re in Taiwan, we’re unclear as to what sort of gang the biker belonged to. Judging from their Asian background, we’re guessing they’re closer to the Japanese Bōsōzoku subculture than they are to the Hells Angels – which could mean their most terrifying transgressions are horrifying fashion crimes.
Story source: Taipei Times

Who says motorcycles aren’t practical?

Is the usually respectable Tintin emulating the Jackass films and making off with someone else's drive-thru, while the hapless employee looks on? Why would McDonalds want to promote that kind of behaviour?

Motorcycle-criticizing naysayers love pointing out that it’s hard to go through the drive-thru and eat your dinner while riding a bike – chalk one point up for cars in their books. Well, we’d contend that everybody on the highways should be paying attention, on four wheels or two, but their argument doesn’t really hold water anyway.

Check out this advertisement from McDonald’s in France – apparently it’s a tie-in with the upcoming Tintin movie this December. It’d be a lot more true to the comics, though, if Captain Haddock was clutching a bottle of rum.
Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Biker babe turned deoderant dame?
Let’s face it: Some misguided motorcyclists buy their bikes to pick up chicks. Does it work? Not according to this YouTube video, which alleges that women dig Axe body spray far more than motorcycles. We doubt this is true – noxious body spray is usually a sure fire way to drive people away – but  perhaps it’s time for our readers to run some field tests.

Dust to Glory Jail

Don't try this on a Harley-Davidson, especially with police in pursuit.

It seems like someone’s been watching too many wild motorcycle shows on television – and it’s caught up with him.

Supposedly, 28-year-old Brian Thomas Dill of Paso Robles was out for a motorcycle ride last week when he caught police attention – he was wanted in relation to a shooting. But the cops say he wouldn’t pull over when instructed to do so – instead, he tore off on his Harley-Davidson and went all Sons of Anarchy on them, driving recklessly all over town.

Unfortunately for Dill, it seems he got his motorcycle filmography mixed up and decided to emulate Dust to Glory instead. Police say that Dill, possibly emulating that documentary’s famous clip of Johnny Campbell racing beside the ocean, took his getaway exploits to the beach. Unlike Campbell, he didn’t finish first: police say they caught him after he immediately got stuck in the sand.

Guess he shoulda run knobbies…
Story source:
Paso Robles Press


  1. > It’d be a lot more true to the comics, though,
    >if Captain Haddock was clutching a bottle of rum.

    Clutching my bottle of whiskey: Cents centaines de centenaires de cents pneus!

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