St. John's joins fight against bike noise

Saint John, St. John's, Bathurst, Edmonton, Kelowna - cities across the country continue to join the fight against motorcycle noise. Photo:
Saint John, St. John's, Bathurst, Edmonton, Kelowna - cities across the country continue to join the fight against motorcycle noise. Photo:

The noise war has moved on to St. John’s, Newfoundland.

On the same day that Kelowna city council gave first reading to a bylaw fighting noisy motorcycles (as well as loud boats and car stereos), city council in St. John’s is also gearing up for the same fight.

During Monday night’s council meeting, the politicians said they were going to contact the provincial government and ask them to deal with the issue. Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff has actually contacted the province before about motorcycle noise, but their promises to help have gone nowhere so far.

From the stories on VOCM and CBC‘s websites, though, it sounds like city leaders can’t be ignored much longer.

It’s worth taking a look through the comments section on CBC’s web page; it’s the same old story as always – motorcyclists saying their loud pipes are saving their lives, and non-motorcyclists alleging the only reason for the loud exhaust is attention.

It may not be breaking news that people don’t like loud pipes, but reading the comments will show you just how pissed off people are over the issue. The last thing motorcyclists need is a rise in anti-bike sentiment – that could result in laws that hurt all riders, no matter how loud their exhausts are.


  1. The noise issues stemming from bikes are being focused not just on the street bikes but in regards to off road motorsports. The Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf has been charged by a private wealthy seasonal resident who lives across the lake from the camp. Mr Bruce Buchan is charging the camp under the EPA. 3 years later and still incomplete disclosure (evidence), the Camp has yet to be heard before a JP but has spent thousands of dollars just to show up at the court house and on lawyer fees.

    The camp rides between 9-5 mon to thurs and for 4 weeks and then used to host MX races… now event organizers dont’ want to race there because the louder bikes won’t pass the sound protocol. Yes, even with a sound protocol and bikes meeting the Ministry of the Environment guidelines….some one like Mr Buchan can launch a private prosecution under the EPA. It’s not a good outlook for loud motor anything and we need to stand together collectively and respectfully to have our voices heard as well, there has to be a balance of bikes that will always produce some noise and tolerance. But until we stand together they will shoot us down one province, one town, one organization at a time until the by-laws are so restrictive it will be near impossible to ride anything without fear of a ticket or a full on prosecution.

    check out supportparrysoundmotorsports face book page

    maybe there is a way we can all approach the municipal, provincial and Federal governments with our voice before we are legislatively silenced.

  2. some bikes are loud this is true, and they want to punish them for making noise.
     what about the people that drive there cars with there dogs on there laps are they in controll of there vechical?

  3. If the St. John’s City Council is concerned about noise pollution, then they should adress other noise-makers such as Tuner Cars, snowmobiles with racing exhausts, Jake Brakes … add your own here … but no, the hypocrites at S.J.C.C. are singling out motorcycles … making a scapegoat of an easy target. Their arguments are crap and we need a “Dee Snyder” to expose their hypocrisy!

    • I’ll say this: fans of loud pipes always truck that argument out, but when I lived in city centres, I never heard jake brakes or tuner cars. Most transports don’t want to travel through cities, and the drivers have a little bit of sense, and the tuner car trend seems to have died down locally (although I’m sure that isn’t the case everywhere).

      Loud pipes, on the other hand, are out there, all day long, every day (as long as it’s not raining) in just about every city across Canada. I’ve never been woken up by transport trucks or Civics with fart cans on the rear, but I certainly have been by V-twins without proper mufflers.

  4. Dogs Bark, People yell, music plays, Lawn mowers, weed eaters, loud parties, motorcycles
    bark and whale ! Sounds of summer !  Live and let live and enjoy the sounds of summer.
    Complaints are from Grumpy Old Bass Poo!

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