Friday Fudge

Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

A wild safety video
Remember all those safety videos they made you watch when you were in driver’s training? They generally involved some crappy car from the ’70s or ’80s, horrible acting and a cheesy soundtrack.

Icon’s got a bit of a different take on it, though. Check out the video below – it shows the trials and tribulations of a motorcyclist, ending with a grim revenge!

A fair deal?

Would you trade your meteorite for a Harley-Davidson? Well of course, you have to find the space rock first.

Most people wouldn’t mind finding a buried treasure in their backyard, but it never happens.

Jim Griffey of Cabot, Arkansas, found the next best thing, though; he was getting ready to plant a tree behind his house when he dug up a meterorite.

But, what could he do with such a find? Donate it to a museum, or perhaps a university for study? No, he trucked on down to the local Harley-Davidson shop and traded it for a motorcycle.

Now, before you go saying the dealer must have been stoned to make a deal like that, remember that some meteorites can be worth millions of dollars, if they’re large enough, so Griffey could have actually traded away the opportunity for a lot more than one new motorcycle. But, he’s happy for now, even if some people may end up thinking he has rocks in his head
Story source: Visordown

A security concern?

It looks like the security team might need a little more road training before they're released to the mean streets of Thailand. Photo: Apichart Weerawon/AP

Before he was tied down with a little insurrection, backed up by U.N. armed forces, Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi was known for jetting around the world with a team of tough-as-nails female bodyguards.

Perhaps that’s the inspiration behind this group of motorcycle police officers, known as Thailand’s ‘Sweet Battalion.’ Supposedly, the elite bike-borne force is intended to protect female VIPs; looking at the pictures of their road training, though, they might need a bit of protection from the asphalt first.
Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

A new record

Phil Comar, shown before his 2010 record, likes to ride with no hands.

We’ve reported on many records in Friday Fudge – stuff like fire tunnel rides, stretched scooters, or long trips. But, here’s one we never thought we’d encounter – a Michigan man is trying to set a record for no-hands riding.

Phil Comar, who set the previous no-hands riding record last year at 300 miles, is trying to do it again with a 525-mile ride through Ohio and Kentucky. He’s hoping to raise $10,000 for Parkinson’s disease research, and despite his hands-off approach to riding, he claims he’s perfectly safe — if trouble pops up he says he can grab his controls quickly.

That may be true, but there’s got to be more sensible ways to raise money than riding around in an unsafe manner. After all, if he’s in an accident, Comar won’t just be known for riding with no hands — most people are also going to say he has no brains, either.
Story source: Fox News

A bogus buyer

If you thought $5,000 was too much for some motorcycle bodywork with Paris Hilton and Jay Leno's scribbles, you weren't the only one - so did the eBay buyer who won the auction.

Remember that Paris Hilton/Jay Leno motorcycle bodywork auction we told you about last month? It turns out the winning bid was $5102.11. It also turns out the bidder was a phony.

That leaves the Roadracing World Action Fund without the money they had planned to use promoting racetrack safety, while they sort the mess out with eBay. Now they’re trying to figure out a new way to raise money with the bodywork, but we’ve got an even better suggestion: Why don’t Leno and Hilton just pony up some of their own dough for the Fund? It’s not as if they can’t afford it. Hilton probably spends that much money on shoes and purses in a month.
Story source: Roadracing World

A stretch scooter
We’ve already shown you the world’s longest motorcycle (which is really a stretched scooter), but a mere picture doesn’t do it justice. No, you need the video. And here it is.


  1. Icon “safety video” is pretty funny, and there are some cagers that would deserve that vigilante justice…
    About the meteor…why a Harley?? There are much better, more desireable bikes to choose from…
     A new record…what Harley can go 300miles without a fuel up?? never mind 525miles…

    And they never showed the “longest motorcycle” moving with all the seats filled…and shouldn’t the seats need to be attached, some of  them look like they were falling off…and some had fallen off by the end of the video…

    Good stuff this week!!


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