Dawn-'til-Dusk run, CMG style!

Fire up your 250 and meet us in Aulac on Sept. 17 for an inter-provincial run of epic proportions!
Fire up your 250 and meet us in Aulac on Sept. 17 for an inter-provincial run of epic proportions!

Would you like to go on a mad motorcycle ride? Of course you would! And it’s your lucky day, because CMG has just the ticket.

On September 17, CMG head honcho Editor ‘Arris and news editor underling Kawazacky are going on an epic dawn-’til-dusk run through three east coast provinces, and you’re invited. But there’s one catch: we’re doing it on small bikes.

How small? Well, we’re taking the Konker KSM 200, and Toys for Big Boys in Moncton has agreed to lend us their CBR250 demo. That’s about as big a bike as we want on this run.

The Konker has been through a lot, including Kawazacky's crash on it last summer, but the tri-province loop could be its biggest challenge yet.

We’ve chosen mostly back roads with lower speed limits to make it easier for a smaller-displacement machine, so have no fear – your Virago 250 should be able to handle the speed just fine.

But also remember, if you show up on something really small, like your Kawasaki KE100 or your old Honda Twinstar 185, you may have trouble keeping up, so use some sense; if you can cruise comfortably around 80 kph, you’ll probably be fine. If not you may be on your own after Aulac …

What’s the point of all this? We’re doing it just for fun, really; Rob’s hoping to give the KSM’s supermoto wheels a long-overdue tryout, and we’ve been meaning to take a CBR250 on a trip like this all summer. We’re also trying to give all those guys and girls riding smaller bikes a ride of their own to look forward to.

Do your sportbike riding buddies make fun of your Ninja 250? Screw them! Come riding with us on Sept. 17 and be a 'high-performance' frontrunner!

Here are the finer details of the trip: We’re going to meet at the Big Stop in Aulac, N.B., for breakfast around 6:oo am on the 17th, departing at dawn around 7:00 am.

From there, we’ll zip down to the Confederation Bridge, hit the PEI back roads, and run to the Wood Islands ferry.

We’ll cross there, then take the Nova Scotia secondary routes down past Truro, through the Economy, Five Islands, and the super twisty Parrsboro areas, eventually ending up back in Aulac in time for dusk around 7:00 pm and a well deserved dinner.

It’s a rain(ish) or shine ride unless it’s really pissing it down in which case we’re staying home. We’ll make the decision the night before and communicate it to anyone who expressed an interest.

The tentative map for the run is below, but we’re still tweaking it. Google says the 579km trip should take just under 12 hours, but that isn’t factoring in any CMGness.

Want to come along, need more details or have some must-do road suggestions? Comment below, or email me.

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  1. Saw this at Dualsport.ca – I’ll be there with my 2009 Super Sherpa! You may want to post this in the canadian forum over at advrider.com.

  2. I would suggest reversing yoru route because you only pay when leaving PEI and the bridge is alot cheaper than the ferry.  I’ve done this route many times and would be there on my Ninja 250 but there is going to be a track day at Slemon Park.  You might want to stop by to check it out.  Great idea using the 250cc as a cap.

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