Labrador Adventure – Oh Shit …

Oh fuck it
Oh fuck it

A mere 270 km into the Labrador Highway and I crest a hill to see the 800GS on its side, two of the bags and some small shattered bits scattered across the road and Jim hobbling about like someone just hit him a few times with the get-off stick.

He’s in shock and he can’t move his left arm.

Although the GS appears to be still very rideable, its pilot now has a left shoulder that is distinctly lower than the right. I flag down the next pick-up to ship him the 80 km to the last point of civilization and a rumoured medical centre.

An hour and a half later and I’m loading the battered GS into the back of a Forestry Dep. truck and follow its dust cloud to the same town only to hear that Jim’s been airlifted out to Saint Anthony, Newfoundland – a day and a ferry ride back to where we’d just come from.

He’s fine — save for a dislocated shoulder — but the adventure’s well and truly over and the pick-up-the-pieces-and-get-back-home process has only just begun.

Trans Labrador 1, Team Jim-GS, zero.

Sod it.


  1. Oh Rob and Jim! So to hear about this misadventure. I hope Jim heals quickly! You’ll just need to conquer it the next time!

    It was good meeting up with you in L’Anse aux Meadows and having brekkie with you both. 

  2. Once was enough. I’m glad Jim had you along to sort him out of that mess. It was one of the bad sections I felt, along with the Fire Lake section before Fremont.

    • Hi Chris,

      Good to hear that it’s going well for you and it was a pleasure to meet you. You’re carrying the CMG flag now, so no crashing!

      Good luck with it and keep me updated.

      Cheers, Rob

  3. Terrible news. Hope Jim is on the mend and that you’re both doing okay considering. If there’s anything we can do to help give us a shout. 902 295 1087 Pat & Angela

    • Hi guys,

      I’m getting the overnight ferry to North Sydney and trying to make it back to Sackville tomorrow but may drop by for a cuppa and a quick kip on a sofa (if the ferry offers no sleep) if that’s okay.

      Taking Jim on the back of the bike to Deer Lake today as he has a flight booked back to Montreal tonight.


      Cheers, Rob

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