Moto Morini finds a buyer

Want a Scrambler? Pay half the price, and it can be yours for 18 months.
Now that Moto Morini is going to start production again, you might have a chance to finally buy that Scrambler.

Moto Morini has finally found a buyer.

We told you about the embarrassment back in April when the 74-year-old bankrupt bike manufacturer went up on the auction block, but nobody showed up with the dough to buy the company. At the time, bankruptcy officials thought they had three interested parties, and were looking for 5.5 million Euros.

It appears they may have been overly optimistic. They did manage to sell the company this week, to a group calling themselves Eagle Bike, but they only managed to get 1.96 million Euros for the marque and its assets.

There’s not much word yet on what the future holds for Moto Morini, but the new buyers supposedly plan to revive production of the company’s existing models, meaning you might finally get a chance to buy that Scrambler you’ve always wanted.

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