Labrador Adventure – Port Aux Basque

Waiting to board the ferry at North Sydney

There’s nothing like a good ferry ride to get you in the adventure spirit and the ferry from NS to NL was nothing like a good ferry ride.

No, it actually was a very nice ferry ride, helped by splashing out an extra $10 on fancy seats in a restricted part of the ship which kept out all the Harley riders*.

Judging by the riders waiting to board the ferry we had 80% cruisers, 15% tourers and only 5% adventurers (Jim and myself). I find that a little odd, but then for some reason the east coast seems be a bit of a mecca for the cruisers and that would seem to apply to Newfoundland too.

Nothing wrong with that, but I would have thought that adventure riders would flock here too.

Anyway, we’re currently lavishing at the St Christopher’s hotel in Port Aux Basque, which has happily postponed the camping part of the trip and, if we can find a restaurant, we’ll be able to postpone eating camp pot food too.

Heading up some of the famous Newfoundland rail bed tomorrow, destination Gros Morne National Park.

The adventure begins.

* This is a joke. Victory riders were also excluded.

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