Super Ténéré long term tester

If the bike won't start when you're there, walk away, unless you're buying it for parts. And, make sure the seller starts it from cold; feel the exhaust before they start it, to be sure they're playing fair.
The Super Ténéré gets pride of place in the 'Arris garage next to the barbie

Editor ‘Arris has snagged himself a Yamaha Super Ténéré as a long term tester for the summer.

He’s already gone and organized (in the loosest meaning of the word) a trip to Newfoundland and Labrador on the bike and will be taking it into some trails around New Brunswick to see how the beast handles some dirt.

If all goes to plan there will be regular updates on how the bike performs as well as daily updates from Newfoundland and Labrador … internet connections, crashes and bear attacks allowing.

He’ll also be adding some accessories to show what’s available and how they perform.

The initial 1051km, 11 1/2 ride from Montreal to Sackville, NB was very promising with ‘Arris issuing the following statement:

“She does like to go fast doesn’t she? Pretty comfy too.”

At those speeds the Labrador trip should be done in four days …


  1. Umm, you guys know this has already been done right?
    The guys at Motorcycle Experience (as seen on TSN) have done this trip with a Tenere.
    Maybe it’s not too late to alter the route?
    Head NW up 117 in Quebec and hook up with Hwy 17 in Ontario.
    The north shore of Lake Superior is the perfect backdrop for this bike.

  2. Well….   You know… If that super Tenere is taking too much of your time, I’d gladly take it off your hands for a couple of weeks…

    • Ouch! Can I put $100?

      Yes, the KLR project is taking it’s sweet time. The original plan was to do it over the winter so that it was done and ready for testing in the summer but delays on getting the parts and also having less time than I had expected means that we’re now in prime time and the project ain’t finished.

      It will get finished though. It just may take a little longer than anticipated …

      Cheers, Rob

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