Kelowna noise crackdown coming?

Kelowna police are drawing inspiration from Edmonton in their fight against loud bikes. Photo:

Things have been quiet on the motorcycle noise crackdown front lately (pardon the pun), but a new battleground may be opening up in Kelowna, BC

According to Global News, the town’s RCMP find it difficult to enforce their existing noise bylaw, since its wording is subjective, and they’ve asked city government to do something about it. Councillors agree the law could use some changes, so they’re expected to pass a new noise bylaw in July or September that fights not only loud motorcycles, but obnoxious car stereos and speedboats.

The city’s police will enforce the new bylaw with decimetres, handing out $250 fines for vehicles louder than 96 db. They’ve apparently been watching Edmonton’s battle against bike noise and have drawn their inspiration there; hopefully they’ve also noted Edmonton’s difficulty in making some of last year’s noise tickets stick. Enacting a similar bylaw may simply bring up similar problems if the offenders land in court.


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