Brammo to start European production

Like the looks of the Brammo Enertia? Buy one, and you could brag to your friends about your European sportbike ...

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo will be manufacturing some of its motorcycles in Europe very soon.

The US-based battery bike builder laid the groundwork for this deal last year when they signed an international distribution deal with Flextronics. That deal led the company to establish a new production line in Hungary to produce Enertia and Enertia Plus motorcycles.

Hungary certainly isn’t the first European country that comes to mind when you think of exotic, high-tech motorcycle design, but company founder and CEO Craig Bramscher says the new factory is “almost certainly the most advanced electric motorcycle assembly line in the world and it sets new standards for quality and efficiency.” That’s a lot of hype to live up to, but Brammo now has the production capacity to start filling more customer and fleet orders – and when more of these bikes start hitting the street, we’ll be able to gauge for ourselves just how good they are.

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