Chip Yates vs. Pikes Peak: video of record run

Chip Yates, back during his motorcycle record-setting phase. Next, we expect him to fly to the moon.
Pikes Peak is the latest chapter in Yate's ongoing success as an independant electric motorcycle builder and racer.

Ducati’s Carlin Dunne wasn’t the only rider setting a record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Sunday; electric motorcycle developer Chip Yates set a new record for battery bikes at 12:50.094.

Of course, that time is well behind Dunne’s new overall bike record time, 11:11.32. But Yates’s new mark beats the old electric bike record by four minutes – he didn’t just break the old record of 16:55.849, set by HM Electrocat in 2010, he smashed it.

Yates and the SWIGZ COM Pro Racing Team could have theoretically set an even better time – he claims his electric superbike is the most powerful motorcycle to ever race Pikes Peak in its 89-year-history. He certainly didn’t have the fuel-air mixture problems at altitude that have plagued other bikes of the past. But, his superbike wasn’t designed with the track’s dirt section in mind, and Yates lost a fair bit of time through these portions. The dirt section will be paved next year, though, so we can likely expect Yates to set a new record again in 2012.

Yates kindly videotaped his record-setting run and put it on YouTube for the world to see. Watch it below.

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