Moto Morini back on the auctioning block

Moto Morini is still for sale, auction date is July 19th.
Moto Morini is still for sale, auction date is July 19th.

Troubled Italian motorcycle maker Moto Morini will again be up for auction after an auction last April failed to entice a buyer. reports that the new auction will be held on July 19th, though the starting bid has been reduced to €4.65 million from the €5.5 million starting bid of the last auction.

The auction is for Moto Morini corporation, as well at the factory, however if a buyer is not found again, bankruptcy trustee Piero Aicardi will consider auctioning off the company alone, without the property located at 377 Via Porrettana, Bologna. The starting bid for that will be €1.95 million.


    • Next you will be saying my Benelli Tornado Is another eurotrash blow in brand, except they have only been around since 1911!

  1. Another Eurotrash Ducati knock-off.  There’s way too many of these obscure manufacturers which frankly I’ve never heard of this “Moto Morini” until this article.  Wouldn’t miss it if it goes under.

    • Their hardly a ducati knockoff, just because the run a v twin? Moto morini have been around for a very long time and have a proud history, the engine they have in their bikes was way more advanced in structure than a ducati engine. eurotrash, hardly, the bikes were extremely well built and reliable and powerful in the Corsaro, 150hp +, you would probably change your mind if you hardly actually ridden one.

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