Charley Boorman does Canada – suggestions?

Charley Boorman will cross Canada for a U.K. television series called Extreme Frontiers Canada.
Charley Boorman will cross Canada for a U.K. television series called Extreme Frontiers Canada.

So we already told you that Mr Boorman was about to do a cross Canada trip, but did we tell you that he’d like to hear your suggestions on must-see places and experiences along the way?

No we didn’t, so we’re telling you now.

So if you think that Charley should do the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, or ride a certain road, or even eat Poutine in Quebec then you should either Twitter him at CHARLEYBOORMAN or the show’s producer, Russ Malkin.

BTW, they’re currently in New Brunswick having done Nova Scotia and PEI, and heading west, so you should probably tailor any suggestions accordingly.

Oh, and Editor ‘Arris will be interviewing Charley tomorrow (15th of June) about said trip, so if you have any questions that you’d like to have posed, please add them to the comments section below!



  1. He should ride up the escarpment from Owen Sound to Wiarton, take the ferry to Manitoulin, ride the island a bit, and see Killarney from the west side on Highway 6.  I think it’s the most scenic route in southern Ontario.

  2. I was going to mention Newfoundland, but it looks like that ship has sailed, so to speak, so I would definitely suggest Icefields Parkway Highway 93 between Banff and Jasper.

  3. When going west take the Yellowhead instead of the number one across MB, SK, and AB. 
    He could also take Yellowhead through BC which leads to some alternatives to the number one in BC, including going all the way to Prince Rupert, and a great 20 hour ferry ride to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.  

  4. I am grateful for the Adventure m/c sales you have created in Canada.  I feel I owe you guys so, if you are near Barrie, Ontario (one hour north of Toronto) i would be happy to put you up and feed you at the resort where I have an off road rider training school.  We train lots of riders off road who have bought big enduro / adventure touring bikes but, don’t know how to ride gravel.  We now have a BMW R 1200 GS, Triumph Tiger 800 XC and a Yamaha XT 1200 Super Tenere for training and test rides.  if you want to get off the m/cs for a day we have zip lines, zorbing (big ball you climb in and roll down a ski hill) golf, Segways and much more.  it would be fun for our staff to host you and your support team. 

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  5. Charley and Company missed so much by not including Newfoundland as part of their Riding agenda … sure, they were here for a couple of days and flew to St. Anthony to see icebergs, but for an Adventure Motorcyclist like Chuck to have passed on Riding Nfld.’s Great Northern Peninsula, the Trans-Lab Highway, Irish Loop or any of our other many scenic/historic routes is indeed a shame … starting a Ride in Halifax does not make it truly “cross Canada” 

    • Have to agree with Perry! He missed so much of NFLD that makes the GS shine in way of Coastal roads and adventure and Dual Sporting. NFLD and LAB have more to offer then just a visit to see an iceberg, it deserves another trip in and unto itself. What would I suggest to Charlie? You missed the best of what Canada has to offer so you might as well stop now and go back home as everything else pales in comparison and you can do on a Goldwing.

  6. The only roads he should travel here, should be the ones that embarrass the province, with the appalling conditions and atrocious drivers…

    But for things that might make the trip enjoyable, he should stick to provincial roads, not the ‘freeways (parking lots)’ that seem to be prevalent in southern Ontario…

    Oh yeah, make sure he’s aware of the racing/50 over laws, and the ‘no sense of humor’ law enforcement groups that operate here…

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