Changes coming for Johnny Pag

The Johnny Pag Barhog remains in the 2011 Canadian lineup, but with a 320cc engine, up from 270cc.
The Johnny Pag Barhog remains in the 2011 Canadian lineup, but with a 320cc engine, up from 270cc.

Johnny Pag Motorcycles is putting a larger engine in their motorcycles and making some slight lineup changes.

Johnny Pag Motorcycles sold four different Chinese-made motorcycles in Canada in 2009 and 2010, the custom-styled Spyder, Barhog, and ProStreet, along with the FX3 naked bike. But a new company is handling distribution in western Canada, and they’re only bringing two of those bikes in this year, the Spyder and the Barhog,

Those bikes are getting a decent power boost, though. Johnny Pag’s 2010 lineup was powered by a 270cc parallel twin, often thought to be derived from the venerable Honda Rebel engine. We don’t know if that’s the truth, but we do know that the Johnny Pag motor is being upped to a 320cc capacity this year. That may not sound like much to someone used to riding liter bikes or Big Twins, but for a small machine like the Pag bikes, that’s a significant boost.

Pricing will remain the same on Johnny Pag bikes this year in Canada.

Sven Bernard of Fort McMurray’s W.C. Distributing says his company is also working on importing some new models from Johnny Pag, now that they have taken over the brand’s distribution in Western Canada. He says they’re working on getting Transport Canada approval on a 700cc V-twin that may be available at the year’s end, and there’s rumours that the factory is working on a 450cc V-twin for the 2013 season.


  1. I am now the proud owner of an 2013 Malibu.For the money , it is one helluva ride. I am so impressed with the design and performance for a bike the size.
    I had one small issue and it was corrected with a simple phone call.The service was better than a dealership .For the money,get one,You won’t be disappointed.

    • I have a question for you ,I want to put a bigger engine in my spyder ,a bit more snap ,can i put a 650 suzuki in this bire ,there was a guy that put a 250cc yamaha in his ,,i don’t want to weaken the frame with cuts and welds ,.I would appreciate any advice thanks

  2. Harder and harder to find parts….even the dealers are fed up…..including Sven…..I read an article on Johnny Pag….bragging about all the parts he has and can get….well…WHERE ARE THEY…..

  3. Interesting comment…
    I am “the canadian end” of Johnny Pag and I am fulltime doing nothing but JPM of Canada.
    You say you have been waiting for a Bike forever. What Bike are you waiting for?
    The 650 was changed in to a 600 and the Pagatti is now a 1650cc all available as a 2013 Model.

    Send me a cheque and I send you a Bike. lol. Kidding asided…. What province are you in?
    Sven Bernard
    Managing Director
    The “NEW” Johnny Pag Motorcycles of Canada

  4. don’t bother no one has done a thing in the canadian end the johnny pagg canada has been a joke been waiting for a bike for ever and just found out no 650s will be made if they do some thing they should keep it under wraps till everthing is done thanks for nothing JP Canada

  5. W.C.Distributing has taken over all Canadian Importing of all Johnny Pag Motorcycles as per Novemver 4th 2011 and is bringing in all new 2012 Models:
    Malibu 350 (Spyder styling) with EFI Motor
    Ventura 350 (Barhog Styling) with EFI Motor
    Pagatti 650cc EFI, V-Twin

    These 3 Models will be on our salesfloors by Late February early March 2012

    June Availability will be a 650cc V-Twin Barhog and for 2013 we are bringing in a 1850cc V-Twin and a Trike with the 1850 Motor. 

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