CMG News updates and Feature tweaks

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You may have noticed a few tweaks to the CMG website recently (if not, back of the class with you, dunce cap on, face the wall).

Maybe of most interest is our new News Email update option which allows subscribers to receive updates from the CMG Daily News service every day at 10 am EST. No more having to check back in to see what’s new – it gets delivered right to your inbox!

To sign up for your News email (it’s free and all we need is your email address), click on the “Get the Email” menu option or go here.

Perhaps the most obvious is a change to our Features section which used to use the homepage real estate to show off the latest Main Feature in the big window with the two most recent ‘On The Side’ features showing in smaller boxes below.

Well we’ve decided to meld the Main and OTS pieces so that the latest gets the big window and then drops down to the smalls once a new piece goes up. Fascinating, I know.

Whatever next?


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