2012 Yamaha BW's 50

Yamaha's new BW's 50 will also be there for testing
Yamaha's popular BW's 50 gets a four-stroke engine for 2012.

The best-selling two-wheeler in Canada has been entirely redesigned and is now powered by a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected four-stroke.

Yamaha’s BW’s 50 scooter has topped motorcycle sales in Canada for many years, partly because it is affordable, partly because it appeals to young riders, and partly because it’s bulletproof.

The early release 2012 BW’s 50 replaces the aging air-cooled two-stroke engine with a modern 49 cc liquid-cooled, three-valve, four-stroke single that is fuel injected. The reasons behind the change are simple: the new bike will be more fuel efficient and it will burn cleaner. It also promises smoother, quieter operation.

Styling is very similar to the outgoing model, with its distinctive, bug-eyed twin headlamps and fat tires. A 23-litre storage compartment rests under the seat and the fuel tank holds 4.5 litres. And get this: at 93 kg (205 lb), wet weight is one kilo down on the two-stroke model.

Retail price is $3,079, a $170 reduction over the 2010 BW’s 50, the last BW’s listed on Yamaha Canada’s website.


  1. Compared to 0.35kg-m(2.5 ft-lb) @ 6,000rpm on the old model.  Strange I would have expected a 2-stroke to be zippier.

    We need a full-on CMG test here.

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