The Cold Way Around, eh!

Charley Boorman will cross Canada for a U.K. television series called Extreme Frontiers Canada.
Charley Boorman will cross Canada by motorcycle for a U.K. television series called Extreme Frontiers Canada.

Charley Boorman is riding across Canada this summer, filming a television reality series.

Boorman, a U.K.-based actor, director and travel writer, is best known for his Long Way Round  and Long Way Down  documentaries of  international motorcycle journies with fellow thespian Ewan McGregor.

This time around, though, he’s not going to rip through Europe, Asia, and Africa for the cameras – he’s headed across the Great White North on a bike from BMW Motorrad Canada.

The series, titled Extreme Frontiers Canada, will kick off in Newfoundland on June 9th and follow Boorman all the way to British Columbia. He’s going to have a support vehicle for most of the journey, but he’s also taking some side trips away from it, including a lengthy journey to the Northwest Territories.

The TV series will air on Channel 5 in the U.K. in early 2012.


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  2. After watching LWR and LWD I went out and bought a F800GS and have racked up 64,000km and ridden 27 countries including a RTW (backward route of LWR) and a Latin American trip too.

    I’ll likely never meet you Charlie but I want to thank you for opening my eyes to ADV bike travel.  No exaggeration, it has changed my life. 

    Calgary, Alberta.

  3. If Charlie, or the director or producers of his Canadian adventures filming have any interest in meeting up with a group of vivacious lady motorcycle riders, who plan to be riding through Alberta at the same time as he may be doing the same, just respond to this post. These lady riders are riding for a major cause, and will also have filmed documentation for a newsworthy event.

  4. He was at Cape Spear yesterday (09/06/11) and according to a the vantage point of a pic linked to his Twitter page this morning of St. John’s harbour, he must be staying at the Fairmont Nfld. Hotel on Duckworth St.

  5. Good Luck Charley … and welcome to Canada! Many motorcyclists who have come thru Newfoundland have not only marvelled at our Province’s unique scenery and culture, but have been treated to our unique hospitality as well! Please post up your itinerary … there are more than a few local Riders who’d love to meet you and make your passage thru our Province memorable!

  6. hope you and your crew get a chance to stop by here:
    G.P.S. co-ordinates:N43 13.898W79 44.073
    We know were there some great beverages of choice to be had.

  7. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, and kudos to Charlie for bringing it to Canada, but let’s remember that this is just a job for the guy. He’ll be here to make a show to make some money, and unscripted meet-ups and rides with the ‘locals’ probably aren’t in the script. Oh, and Charlie, watch out for the guys who shot my friend off his bike in northern Ontario a few years ago, for no reason at all. They were suspected in a number of other unsolved killings of motorcyclists in the area, but due to lack of evidence, were never convicted of the other murders. In my friend’s case, they did less than 5 years apiece, so they’re back out now. 

  8. BMW Club Québec would like to welcome you when you come through some rough parts of our wild province.  Somehow, “wild” goes well with both BMW & some of our riders :
    Pictures from the “Raid du Gaspésien” ride – Crazy French Canadiens 🙂 and loving every minute of it !! your journey will be wild but safe !
    If you pass by, even if it is outside of your film, look us up !


    • Hey Charlie, I hope to meet you when you’re in St. John’s. You’re in for a treat with this little adventure my friend. Best of luck to you.

      • I think you missed my original point, which is that doing a motorcycle trip is better than watching a TV show about someone else’s motorcycle trip.  My apologies for not being clear in my first post.
        Dave, sounds like a great trip!  Safe travels!

      •  Unless you’ve got a television show your only option is to sing his praises? Boorman exists because of his actor friend, so how many people have someone like that to carry them along?

        He’s an arse and I don’t need a tv show to tell ya that. See his treatment of Mordeth for an example.

  9. Good luck Charlie. I’m sure it will be another awesome journey. I’ve
    seen and read both the Long Way Down and the Long Way Round when I lived in the UK…can’t wait
    to see you in person when you pass through BC. I hope you’re making a
    stop in Kelowna!

    Angelique, Style Photography
    FB: Okanagan Car and Motorbike Photographer
    Twitter: @KelownaPhotos

  10. I guess he will be thoroughly introduced to the black flies and mosquitos…horse flies…never mind the bears and bison in NWT…hope someone tells him not to honk at the big males when passing through the bison reserve between Ft. Providence and Rae-Edzo…although it could be entertaining viewing…


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