New V-Strom on the way?

Lots of riders already take them down gravel roads, but the V-Strom may be headed in a more dirt-worthy direction if it's updated.
Lots of riders already take them down gravel roads, but the V-Strom may be headed in a more dirt-worthy direction if it's updated.

Suzuki may be planning an upgrade to their long-running adventure bike, the DL650 V-Strom.

According to a story from French website, Suzuki is planning to unveil a very different DL650 soon, with extensive changes to both the bodywork and engine. The new machine would also pick up better brakes and suspension and a re-designed frame. Styling would be less bulky and more dirt-worthy.

The DL650, built around the V-twin engine that first appeared in Suzuki’s SV650 standard, has been available in North America since 2004 without a lot of changes, so it may be time for the company to update this bike.

It will be interesting to see if they really do take the machine in a more dirt-oriented direction – Kawasaki did the opposite of that when they updated their KLR650 for 2008. Could this mean Suzuki’s oil-cooled dual-sport workhorse, the DR650, is on its way out? What about the SV650’S future? If the report from is right, we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. I’d prefer they keep it to 650cc.  I currently have a KLR650 and only get it in the dirt a couple times a year, so mostly it’s a commuter and the odd tour.  I find the 650 too heavy to practically manage off-road and would’ve preferred a 400-450cc if I were to pursue dual-sporting more seriously. Having said that, if Suzuki is trying to make the Strom more dirt worthy, upping the cc size is a move in the wrong direction.  If they want to keep it more Adventure Tour worthy, then yes an 800cc would be perfect.
    Just as long as they change that ugly windshield/fairing that I could never get used to, no matter what angle I look at it!

  2. Who says 650 cc. is a little bike ? – I have a 650 Kawasaki Versys and it has more power than I can handle, I can do 150 K/h. with half of throttle, I don’t do more faster because I am afraid of a speeding ticket.

    • I’m not saying it is a little bike (I almost bought a Versys…very nice bike), it’s just a perception of the bigger is better mantra…it’s pretty rare that I travel faster than 115kph…

      @Patrick…I only mentioned the 1200 for the guys that are flocking to the BMW 1200GS Adventure Tourer and the new Super Tenere…I personally think that 800cc is the perfect size for a bike…not scary to insure, yet still has the power that we are after (depending on the state of tune of the engine)

      If they came out with an 800cc V twin adventure bike that had a decent sounding exhaust with around 80Hp, I would be all over that thing…

      I bought my current bike because of the sound of the exhaust, the “Bad Boy” looks and the standard riding position…but I really should have gotten a V Strom…more sensible…

      But hey, you only live once…


  3. Yeah, I agree… 800 would be good, but no more.

    I just hope they don’t stray to far from the current formula (and price point!).

  4. Let’s hope the DL650 becomes a DL800, not that there is anything wrong with the current 650cc engine except that lots of guys won’t own a “little bike”…keep the great headlights (but lose some of the plastic), gain spoked wheels, keep the remote adjuster for the rear preload, upgrade the front suspension….let’s hope they upgrade the luggage package to look more integrated with the design, instead of looking like an after thought…

    Is the DL1000 dead?  or is that part of the “upgrade”…maybe a DL1200 to keep up with the “Jones'”?

    Kinda exciting…yes, I’m a bike dork… ;-p


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