Sketches of new Husqvarna released

It looks as if the new Husqvarna won't be wasting much weight on bodywork.
It looks as if the new Husqvarna won't be wasting much weight on bodywork.

Thanks to a set of sketches just released by Husqvarna, we’ve got a good idea of what their new 900cc street bike will look like.

Husqvarna has been teasing us all year by releasing information on their new 900cc project a piece at a time. The company is  known for off-road bikes and  street-legal dual-sport/supermoto machines; street-dedicated machines haven’t been on their radar.

Here's a line sketch of the Husky. Apparently they've gone with the alien-eyes headlight look that manufacturers seem to like these days.

Looking at the sketches, it appears Husqvarna isn’t moving in too radical of a direction. Their bike has the streetfighter/supermoto lines that offroad manufacturers favour when they build a bike for the asphalt – the KTM Duke is a great example of this.

Of course, these are just preliminary sketches, and the finished product could look a lot different. It’s interesting to see Husqvarna’s progress though – KTM has certainly made good on their jump from dirt to the street. Can Husky do the same?

It looks as if they're taking the same path with their street bikes that competitor KTM did.



  1. Are those riders extremely short, or is that a huge bike??  Kinda looks like when my twin 9yo daughters are sitting on my bike…

    I know, it’s not to scale…but they could put a little more effort into the sketch if they are releasing it to the press…or maybe they are designing a bike for the 6’5 plus size riders…??


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