Amarok teams up with Agni Motors for TTXGP

Canadian electric bike maker Amarok will be competing in the TTXGP round on June 17-19 in Loudon, NH.

Canadian electric race bike maker Amarok has taken on Agni Motors as the main sponsor in their bid to take the TTXGP North American championship. Founded by Michael Uhlarik and Kevin O’Neil, and based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Amarok-Agni will be the only team competing in the TTXGP championship on a Canadian-made machine.

The Amarok P1 is a showcase of aerospace technology, using an aluminum monocoque main body which houses the 7.5 kWh battery pack and electrics, and onto onto which attaches a Hossack style front end and steel, single-shock swingarm.

Two Agni 95R DC motors are mounted aft of the monocoque, just above the swingarm mount. They produce a total of 75 horsepower.

The Amarok P1 uses twin Agni 95R DC motors, producing 75 hp.

The design greatly emphasized mass centralization and its maker claims it will be as nimble as a 250 GP bike, from which its geometry is inspired. The entire machine weighs 148 kg (326 lb).

The team will campaign the Amarok-Agni P1 in the TTX75 class, with a maximum allowable battery power of 7.5 kWh and a minimum weight of 100 kg (220 lb).

Agni, which also supplies Zero Motorcycles with motors for some of its models, will provide powertrains, batteries, battery management systems and speed control technology towards the project.

The bike is still under development, and the team is asking for your help to complete it by holding a contest to design the top triple clamp, which is currently off a Kawasaki. The winning designer gets an iPad 2. Details can be found here, but hurry, the contest ends on June 1.

Team Amarok-Agni will be racing the bike for the first time during the TTXGP round in Loudon, NH on June 17-19.

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