Vespa Halifax hosts art show

We don't usually think of Vespas and off-roading as related concepts, but the scooter dealership is a neat place for a moto-art show

What’s a scooter dealership good for, beside the obvious? Well, the folks at Vespa Halifax have taken an unusual step and turned their blank walls into an art gallery.

Last year, the Nova Scotia scooter dealership featured Shehab Illyas’ art on their walls, and now they’re showing Anna Stowe’s mixed media presentation Miles of Bliss. (We’ve talked about this show before here at CMG).

Check it out if you like art or vintage motorsports, or both – it’s an interesting view of the jumps, bumps, mud, rocks and dust of early motorcycle trials and scrambles, as Stowe herself puts it.

The art show opened yesterday, and there will be a reception at some point (we’re not sure when, yet). If you decide to buy a painting, all the money from the sale goes to Stowe herself, so it’s a good way to help support an artist.

Want to know more about Stowe’s work? Check out her website.


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