New Canadian Online Retailer

They may not have a storefront but they do have a trailer!
They may not have a storefront but they do have a trailer!

We’ve often wondered why there’s not an abundance of online retailers operating in Canada. After all, the country’s a big place, the internet isn’t new and scary anymore (for most people, sigh) and a retailer can save a ton of money not having to pay rent on a bricks and mortar storefront.

Well, although it’s not groundbreaking territory (there are other popular online sellers of off-road equipment including A Vicious Cycle and Dual Sport Plus), there is a new online-only store in Canada called C.O.R.E. (Competition Off Road Equipment), who deals in … err, off-road equipment.

Choice of brands is limited right now but owner Lee Malette — who also writes the occasional article for the CMG — is careful to carry brands that do not compete with each other and plans to expand his offerings over time. Right now C.O.R.E. just focuses on off-road gear but two of his current brands (Acerbis and Forma) also have street offerings, which will be added in due course (though we guess that that means the ‘O’ of C.O.R.E. will soon mean ‘on’ or ‘off’).

Malette reckons that it’s important to support the sport and will be attending all 12 of the World Enduro Canada events this summer to offer trackside support to competitors and get feedback from the racers as to what they need and how he can improve service.

More info on C.O.R.E. can be found at their website


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