Electric motorcycle racing film released today

It's not your average Isle of Man TT bike.
It's not your average Isle of Man TT bike.

Do you remember Faster, the well-received 2003 MotoGP documentary? Well, writer/director Mark Neale and narrator Ewan McGregor are back with another motorcycle racing film. This movie’s about electric bikes, and it’s available for order starting today.

We can't think of a better place to rip around on a quiet, enviromentally friendly - and fast - motorcycle.

Specifically, their film, titled Charge, focuses on the world’s first zero-emissions grand prix motorcycle race, held at the Isle of Man in 2009. The movie starts in early 2009 as teams such as US-based MotoCzysz, Anglo-Indian Team Agni, and even local heroes ManTTx Racing prepare for that year’s race, and closes with the Isle of Man’s 2010 TT Zero race.

It should be an interesting examination of the electric motorcycle scene, because the battery bikes’ performance improve by leaps and bounds even over that short time span.

Want to watch electric bikes rip through the Isle of Man's treacherous terrain? Order Charge on DVD today.

It’s also a film with a bit of a rebellious streak, though not in the usual bikesploitation theme. Gasoline-powered bikes are the backbone of the Isle of Man TT’s history, and not everyone is plugged in to the idea of the electric two-wheelers, as the film points out. Once you see the e-bikes whistling down the street at top speed, though, it’s hard not to admit that in a world of high fuel prices and increasing disapproval of gas-burning races, electric bikes are certainly likely to rise to the forefront of racing in the future.

Like Faster, you’re not likely to see this film in theatres anytime soon – right now, it’s only available for North Americans on DVD. If you want to know more about the film, or order the DVD, you can visit the website here. We’ve posted the trailer below.

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