Alpinestars Jet Road glove

Alpinestars new Jet Road touring glove.
Alpinestars new Jet Road touring glove.

Alpinestars introduces the new Jet Road Gore-Tex gloves for touring riders. They feature a leather and stretch nylon outer shell with a leather palm that incorporates synthetic suede reinforcement pads to keep your hands silky smooth in case they do come in contact with the pavement. Further crash protection is provided by carbon-fibre knuckles.

The gauntlet has a water-resistant zipper to make slipping the gloves on, and it also allows you to wear the glove either over or under your jacket sleeve. The glove is claimed to be waterproof, providing all-weather capability.

Only U.S. pricing is available at the moment ($179.95), though Alpinestars are distributed in Canada by Parts Canada. Available in black in sizes small to XXXL.


  1. Lots of cash for sure. But if they work as advertised and are of matching quality(and you don’t lose them or have them “borrowed”), they might be a bargain. I’m on season 8 with a pair of BMW gloves that cost $160 in 2004. I’m pretty sure that I’ll get another 2 or 3 seasons out of them. That’s 20 bucks a season to this point.
    Ditto for my Frank Thomas cool/cold weather Gore Tex gloves. 6 seasons and still working as designed.

    • I spent about $70 for my Joe Rocket gloves also in 2004. They’re still holding up very well. So is the rest of my gear which is all JR. The gear also saved my skin when I took a nasty spill several years ago.
      Personally, I can’t figure out why some people are willing to dish out shitloads money for stuff that isn’t necessarily any better than brands costing half as much.

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