New Motorcycle Diaries series – on the web

There seems to be something faintly familiar about the series' name.
There seems to be something faintly familiar about the series' name.

A group of five young adults, including at least one Canadian, is heading out on a motorcycle trip across the USA with a twist – it’s also going to be an interactive web-based reality series.

It used to be, if you headed out on a trans-continental motorcycle trip, you got on your motorcycle, tore madly off in all directions, and wrote a book about it when you got back home, or simply spent the rest of your life spinning tales of adventure on the road to your friends.

From left: , Stephan, Jocelyn, Tyler, Clare, and Vic.

Well, Stephan Miers and friends Victor Zinck Jr., Jocelyn Gauthier, Tyler Boe and Clare Fish are taking things to a new level. Miers has organized a motorcycle trip that will take him and his friends to all 50 US states, bombing down back roads, visiting exciting locales, and probably exploring the social scenes along the way. They’re calling their web-based show The Motorcycle Diaries – something we’re pretty sure we’ve heard somewhere before.

They’re going to make their trip open to the world as they travel, sharing their adventures through social media; they’ll upload YouTube and Vimeo videos, discuss the day’s adventure on Facebook and Twitter, and constantly ask people following their reality-TV style journey for route recommendations, tips on scenery to take in, and events that can’t be missed.

Their 50-week tour will take them from Anchorage, Alaska, to Ka Lae, Hawaii. They’ll be riding Harley-Davidsons, although we’re not sure how they sourced the bikes or the funds for the rest of their trip. They’ll cover 25,000 miles; their first day on the road is May 14. It should be interesting to see the group’s outsider perspective on the roads they travel; Miers is from Spain, Zinck is from Canada, and we’re not sure where the rest of the crew hails from.

It’s hard to say if the web-based concept will suck in viewers, but a series featuring young, attractive bikers shouldn’t have too much trouble. Check out two teaser videos for the series below. You can also visit the Motorcycle Diaries’ website here; their Facebook page is here.





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