Two new scooters coming from BMW

BMW General Director Hendrik von Kuenheim confirmed that there are two mega-scooters coming from BMW.
BMW General Director Hendrik von Kuenheim confirmed that there are two mega-scooters coming from BMW.

BMW Motorrad General Director, Hendrik von Kuenheim, confirmed that BMW is currently working on not one, but two mega scooters.

Costa Mouzouris has just returned from Namibia, where he spent five days riding through the desert with a few of the decision makers at BMW Motorrad, including von Kuenheim. The news was revealed during a conversation with BMW Motorrad’s chief honcho over a safari dinner.

Based on the Concept C scooter shown at the EICMA show in Milan last November, one of the scooters will be a Burgman-like commuter model, the other a much sportier machine like the Yamaha T-Max.

Although he wasn’t forthcoming with too many details, von Kuenheim did reveal that the commuter model will be considerably lighter and more svelte than the current Burgman 650, and the sportier model is supposed to out-perform the T-Max, which he praised for being a very good machine.

Engine displacement will be in the vicinity of the T-Max and Burgman, hinting at 550 to 650 cc, and if the S1000RR is any indication BMW will likely aim to exceed the output of either of those machines. Suspension will be quite advanced, and if the production models use an inverted fork like on the Concept C, it will be a first in the mega-scooter industry. The BMW scooters will also set new class standards in the use of electronics. More details should be revealed to the public later this year.

Von Kuenheim told Mouzouris he’s already ridden the first pre-production versions of these scooters, and upon returning to Munich from Namibia he was scheduled to ride the second pre-production versions. Both machines are expected to come to Canada.

When asked about the performance of the new scooters von Kuenheim replied, “They ride like BMWs.”


  1. If my info is correct, being a venture with Kymco, i am sure the ergonomics will be user friendsly even for shorter riders.

    Hope its gonna be at least 700cc + if they wish to keep up. I mean Aprillia has a 850cc already!

  2. Well done the Germans. Zey know how to get zingz done, eh? Gut on zem! We could do with some new blood in the scooter biz and I can’t wait for them to come out. But! I just know they will have a seat height of some 860mm because zey alveys do – zer blugarts!!! And I am a shorty! So big fat ugly and hairy rats on zem!

  3. They try and try to out do the Suzuki Burgman Exe. Even the great BMW, I can’t wait to see it, Good luck. I have a sneaking feeling that Suzuki has a new Burgman ready to release if in fact their jewel is out done. Nice to see new competition. On the other hand I am sure Yamaha is shaking in there boot.
    Peachland Canada

  4. MMmmmm….

    A Supersport scooter that gives the insurance companies an excuse to up the rates…. Yea!!!!

    Oh, and gives ‘Busa owners nightmares… LOL

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