ABS standard for BMW in 2012

Worried about how your GS will handle in the dirt with ABS? One of BMW’s ABS options allows users to switch the system on and off for dirt or track use. Photo: www.touratech.se/

BMW brought ABS technology to motorcycles in 1998. Now, starting in 2012, it’s going to be standard on all their models.

BMW says the move is coming for safety reasons, and in their announcement, Pieter de Waal, BMW’s US vice president, says it’s time for all the manufacturers to get on board.

“Plain and simple, being able to stop a motorcycle faster and more predictably helps prevent a rider from becoming a statistic,” says de Waal.

Of course, the European Union, one of BMW’s biggest markets, is recommending mandatory ABS on motorcycles in the near future, so BMW is just wisely getting ahead of their competitors in the safety game.

The company isn’t likely to lose many customers over the minimal added weight or extra cost, while the improved safety should be a strong factor in attracting new riders to the brand.

If you’re concerned that dirt or track use may suffer with the new ABS systems, have no fear; some of BMW’s ABS systems allow you to switch the feature on or off – very useful if you want to go off-road or onto a racetrack.


  1. Well you’re all wrong. BMW introduced ABS in 1988 on the K100RS in Europe and then in Canada on the 1989 White Blue K100RS.

  2. I took my BMW to the dealer for service. They gave me a loaner
    K bike with ABS. The ABS warning light was on so I asked the dealer about it. He said The brakes will work just fine just like a non ABS bike we would fix it but it would cost too much.
    And now BMW is putting ABS on all its models. LOL

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