Triumph helps pay for training

Triumph has the right idea with their safety course promotion.
Triumph has the right idea with their safety course promotion.

Here’s some good news for beginner bikers: Triumph North America is looking to help out new riders with motorcycle safety course costs.

Even the most curmudgeonly motorcyclist will concede, sooner or later, that rider training is a good thing. The trouble is it usually costs a bit of money, and most motorcyclists aren’t feeling terribly flush after paying for a bike, helmet and protective gear. The people at Triumph North America know that’s an issue that needs to be addressed, so they’ve come up with a plan to help out.

Here’s the deal: Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Canada Safety Council on-road new rider training course, then buy a new, untitled Triumph within six months following the training and you’ll receive a $225 gift certificate from Hinkley’s finest.

Of course, that won’t completely cover the cost of rider training in every province, but even in the pricier places, it’s still better than nothing.

The motorcycle training rebate isn’t Triumph’s only discount program; they’ve also expanded their $750 veteran’s Thank a Hero rebate program to include honorably discharged former service members.

Also, if you buy a certain 2010 Triumph models before May 31st, you’ll get up to $1,870 in genuine accessories.

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