CMG Daily News Site!

Is it the cat's arse?
Is it the cat's arse?

If you’re reading this then you’re already reading the new CMG Daily News site.

It’s a separate site from CMG using a new application that allows us to post news articles much faster than before as well as offering us a whole host of new tools to make your news reading experience that much more enjoyable.

As with anything new it will likely take you a little while to learn to navigate around but the basic laws of CMG apply here to; Click on a title or image to go to the article or even add a comment at the bottom after you’ve read it, etc.

Wow, i-Phone ready. CMG flops into the 21st century.

However, you can now also see related articles, keep an eye on the three latest features in CMG, see the five latest article comments or browse tags and categories to see other items that may be of interest.It’s also (shock, gasp) iPhone, Android and Blackberry friendly, so you can read the news on the go without having to scroll.

But this is also a work in progress and we will be adding more trinkets as we find and appraise them.

As with anything CMG we welcome your comments (well, most of them) as we want to know how this new news site works for you. We think it’s the cat’s arse (that’s a good thing) but then we would wouldn’t we? If you don’t, please give it a few days and then feel free to vent about what it is exactly that bugs you most.

Thanks as always to our techie Patrick Shelston who has worked above and beyond his usual slave hours and pay to deliver this new generation of CMG goodness.


  1. Would like to see the info from your login carry over to the News site…not a huge pain, but I’m lazy…or do you have to sign in on the News site?


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