New electric speed record

First the Mojave Mile, then Pikes Peak, then ... the world? Chip Yates is certainly on a tear with his electric superbike.

Is Chip Yates the fastest man on two electric wheels? It seems so, after he set an unofficial speed record for electric bikes, clocking in at 190.6 mph at the Mojave Mile event in California.

Yate’s record on his SWIGZ.COM electric superbike is far from the top recorded motorcycle speed at the mile-long top speed challenge (that record belongs to John Noonan, with a 251.1 mph run last October), but we’re willing to bet it’s a lot faster than most of you have ever ridden any bike; most gas-powered sportbikes don’t even get ridden that hard.

While anybody would be happy to break a speed record, Yates thought he could do even better; in testing, he’d dynoed his machine at over 220 mph before the event to ensure safety.

He blamed a rented generator that supposedly damaged his battery; with no way to juice up his bike, he could only complete two runs before running out of power.

Yates continues his high-voltage assault on the motorcycle racing world with an upcoming entry into the classic Pikes Peak hill climb race on June 26. While we’re not forgetting the limitations of electric motorcycles, we’re impressed with the way Yates is pressing forward – and he’s doing it without an extension cord.


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