Veterans plates for bikes

Discover a Vet today!
Discover a Vet today!

If you’ve served with Canada’s armed forces in World War II, Korea, or as a peacekeeper, or if you’ve served at least three years with Canada’s regular forces, then the Ontario government’s got a special licence plate for your motorcycle.

Of course, Ontario’s veteran’s plate program has been in effect since 2003, with over 33,500 issued, but until now the program only applied to cars or trucks. Now the poppy plates are available for your two-wheeler as well.

There is no charge for the special licence plate, but the Royal Canadian Legion charges a $5 fee to confirm eligibility. The plates will be available starting this spring.


  1. Unfortunately, you cannot create your own letter/number combination.
    You only get whatever the computer generates, or what they have on the shelf at the MTO office.

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