Stoner's alternate reality

If you read report Larry Tate’s MotoGP race report this week, you’ll remember that Casey Stoner criticised race marshals for neglecting to give him a push to restart his bike after colliding with Valentino Rossi, who lost the front end and crashed just ahead of Stoner.

The Australian was miffed because he felt Valentino Rossi was given preferential treatment after he got a push and went on to race, while he claimed he was left to dry, having to attempt to start his bike on his own.

Well, this amateur video shot by a fan in the stands tells a slightly different story. In it, we see Rossi getting barely a nudge from the marshals (indicating that his bike probably didn’t stall in the crash), and several marshals pushing Stoner, one of them staying with him until they’re out of view of the camera.

Maybe Stoner takes Mythbuster Adam Savage’s motto, “I reject your reality and substitute my own” too literally.


  1. The mark of a true champion is that he is able to overcome all sorts of trials and obstacles. Stoner doesn’t seem to be able to overcome much. Maybe he’ll see a second championship in his career if everyone else if all the planets align for him. But he’ll never be a nine time grand champion. Besides, Rossi was lapping a full second faster – how long could he have held him off.

  2. “…(if it didn’t rain in Jerez they would not be on the podium)…”

    Hold the phone there, buddy. I think Rossi was 2nd quickest in dry morning warm up for that race. No telling what might have happened had it not rained.

    But it did, like it did for every other racer out there, and Hayden finished 3rd.

  3. He sure does, but he surely is not …. if you look up how he progressed from nobody to the top. People just don’t like to admit that he’s right most of the time. Like Ducati’s front end issues etc. Even after the red bikes having abysmal start in this season (if it didn’t rain in Jerez they would not be on the podium) they would still not admit that Stoner was spot on last year …. it’s just the way it is and it is no different with this incident. People will spin it in 46’s way doesn’t matter what.

    Just imagine that the roles in the incident would be reversed (hard to do, but try ..)

  4. With Stoner somebody else will always get the blame. He sure comes over as a very spoilt brat. This was a raicing incident, not intentional. I don’t think Stoner would like to watch the videos, the facts would probably not suit him. 🙁

  5. stoner is a good rider, especially now hes on the best bike on the field. but hes a bad sportsman. rossi lost the front end of his bike, like so many times last year the ducati lost its front end. then stoner cries like a little girl that the marshalls favoured the 9 time world champ….grow up stoner. then after the race rossi’s man enough to apologise after the race, then stoner says ‘obviously ur ambition outways ur talent’….no respect from stoner the spoilt brat. rossi is the greatest rider of all time, and should be shown more respect, especailly from someone like stoner.

  6. Alright, I know I’m partaking in the thorough beating of a dead horse and then conducting a CSI-style post-mortem on same, but I can’t help it.

    If you rewatch the broadcast footage, you’d see that Rossi was trapped under his bike while Stoner was standing. As Wayne Gardner points out, it is the marshal’s responsibility to help the potentially injured rider first. By the time they get to Rossi, Stoner has already righted his bike and backed it up, suggesting he’s ready to ride off. The marshals simply don’t know he needs a push. It’s only about a half second before they figure it out, but by then, Rossi is already gone. It all happens very quickly, but there is obviously no ill intent on the part of any marshal there.

    Only Stoner and his most blinkered supporters are still talking about conspiracies. Maybe it’s time for a public apology from Stoner to the track workers. Oh, right,he doesn’t feel public displays of contrition can possibly be heartfelt. Maybe he’ll visit them all privately at home instead…

  7. Stoner is not saying he didn’t receive help – he is saying Rossi got preferential help, which the video does not dispute.

    All the marshalls gather to help Rossi and are leaving (all bar 1 … who is standing there, not pushing) before Stoner’s frantic gesticulations get them to return – if a couple of guys had gone to his aid rather than all fetting to Rossi there is a greater chance his bike could have restarted.

    Each video tells part of the story, when you look at this AND the telecast there is no dispute that Stoner does not receive help to restart his bike till after Rossi is away.

  8. Come on! Next you’ll be saying that Vale wears a halo when he’s not racing. When Vale antagonises it’s all “racing banter”, when someone else does it they’re whining. We’re looking at two peas in a pod – both great riders, one on the way out and one who has the potential to be just as good as the one on the way out. And yes, at least Casey has the balls to say what he thinks – a bit like #46.

  9. “great rider…but his manager needs to get him the FULL leathers that come with the muzzle”

    Good call, Jeff. Next race you’ll see this on a sponsorship patch…”Leathers By The Gimp”

  10. Another factor that Stoner failed to mention is that Honda’s new clutch (which is apparently a big part of their new-found speed) requires two people helping the rider for a push start. The other bikes only need one.

    And speaking one’s mind does not necessarily equal complaining. Stoner certainly does a lot of both, while many other riders manage the former without indulging in the latter (publicly, at least.)

  11. He’s the only guy who is worth listening in press conferences. Always says what’s on his mind. Many times he’s right, although he will never get the benefit of the doubt. It’s either whining or not true, but when 46 speaks everything seems to be true … :roll

  12. Nice crack, Jeff. I love it. Turns out even Wayne Gardner, Stoner’s biggest fan, thinks the marshalls did the right thing!

  13. “great rider…but his manager needs to get him the FULL leathers that come with the muzzle”

    Now that’s funny. And so true.

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