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Great roads in your iPhone.

Technological advances like fly-by-wire MotoGP technology or even basic fuel injection seem to draw complaints from some bikers, who say motorcycling is moving towards computer control with less human input. 

But, technology also has the ability to broaden our motorcycling horizons.

For a good example of this, take a look at SocialNav’s Greatest Road app. Available at the iTunes app store, this program for your iPhone or iPod Touch lays out user-submitted motorcycle route maps. If you’re curious about what riding thrills an area holds, simply open the app, find the spot you want to ride in, and go through the list of user-submitted rides, selecting the ones that interest you to find more information.

If you find a stretch of road you like, but isn’t included, the app lets you add new routes as well.

B ecause the rides listed are user-submitted, you also have other options available through the app. Don’t like a route because it’s boring? The app’s rating system lets you vote down routes you don’t like for review, or post positive reviews for routes that you do like. The app is integrated with Facebook, enabling you to post your rides for your friends to see.

The app also lets you share the route as a Google Maps or GPX file with your friends through email. Since all motorcyclists aren’t bound to the street, the app also lets you specify a route as street or dirt – nobody wants to see an errant Gold Wing up to its axles in a bog over map confusion.

The best thing about the app? It’s free, for now, so download it ASAP. For more information, head over to SocialNav’s website, or download it from the iTunes store while the price is still right.

Via Bikes in the Fast Lane.

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