Retro posters on demand


Retroscope will help you create a personalized retro poster.

There’s nothing like a good motorcycle poster to spruce up a room. However, not everybody wants a large-scale photo of a scantily-clad girl with a chopper or sport bike on their living room wall, and that’s what most posters seem to consist of.

Of course, you can get around that by buying a poster for an older machine like a Brough Superior (no gratuitous bikini photo-ops in those olden days!), but what about the real classics, like that Yamaha XS650 or Kawasaki KLR650 you’ve got sitting in the garage? Where are you going to find a poster for a real head-turning machine like that?

While not everyone may share your affection for your machine’s innate style, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a classy poster featuring your favourite ride, old or new.

Just get in touch with the good folks at Retroscope. The Ottawa-based company specializes in what they call vintage imaging; that’s a fancy way of saying they restore old photos, and more importantly, they produce retro-styled posters to order.

That’s right — you can get a custom vintage-themed print of you and your 1981 Suzuki GS400, all done in the pleasing style of yesteryear. Who could resist a deal like that?


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