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Being relatively new to the east coast, I was quite looking forward to Whitehorse Press’s latest title in the Motorcycle Journeys series, focusing on Atlantic Canada.

I’ve had good luck finding some really fun roads in Nova Scotia (Cabot Trail being the obvious one) but so far my quest to find a New Brunswick route that is not a tad dull, or on rough pavement that might as well be gravel, has been a bit fruitless.

Well, Motorcycle Journeys through Atlantic Canada has now provided me with some of the missing links and I’m looking forward to riding and writing about this tour-to-be later in the year.

But I digress. The book breaks down into chapters on each Atlantic province (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador) though it wisely adds the Gaspesie of Quebec and devotes a whole chapter to Cape Breton Island too.

In total there are 32 trips and each one includes a detailed route description, map, pics and info on the history of the area, and a list of places to visit, eat and stay.


Motorcycle paradise.

As usual, the authors tend to steer away from negative judgements and if you’re going to use this book as your guide then you should also get a road map and mark out your route and places of interest rather than going directly from the book (too much info and the maps are too small).

However, from my limited experience of the area it looks like they have the right roads included and a few new ones that I shall have to explore to boot.

And for under $30 it seems like a small price to pay to have someone else do the hard work to ensure you can encompass all the good bits on your annual tour.

Motorcycle Journeys Through Atlantic Canada is written by Rannie Gillis and Ken Aiken and is available in some bookstores or directly from the publisher.




  1. Hey, we got our 15 min. of fame! My wife & I are riding the 2nd Gold Wing (the magenta 1500) on the front cover picture. It was our first experience with the Cabot Trail. I contacted the White Horse press to see about ordering a copy and they very graciously sent us one for free. Classy folks.

  2. The KLR is in the basement waiting for parts but i will be getting a Super Tenere for the summer. Will that work?? 🙂

    Always happy to be guided!

    Cheers, Rob

  3. Oh god,now I have to take it upon myself to lead Mr. Harris into the light of all the fantastic riding roads available in New Brunswick.Rough roads? That thumper Kawi not running a hard tail is it?
    Now where is one of those free New Brunswick tourism maps that I can highlight on …… 😡

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