Hero looks to grow


At 97 cc, it’s unlikely bikes like the Honda Splendor will come to Canada.

As the rest of the world’s motorcycle manufacturers set their sights on the Indian market, Hero Honda is looking at expanding their business outside the country’s borders. 

India’s Economic Times says the manufacturer of low-priced motorcycles based on Honda technology has appointed a 12-man team to put together a plan for boosting global exports.  

The move comes at a time when the Hero Group is breaking its ties with Japanese motorcycle giant Honda, which opens the door for Hero’s international sales.

Their current agreement doesn’t allow Hero to export motorcycles outside India to countries where Honda already sells two-wheelers, but with Hero buying out Honda’s shares in their co-operative effort, the international market is now opening up.

Don’t expect to see Hero in Canada anytime soon, though.

The Economic Times says the company is looking towards areas such as North Africa and Latin America first, where motorcycle sales are still booming. Supposedly Hero is looking at actually setting up new factories in developing countries and has hired consultants at Wolff Olins to help them develop a new brand identity.

Of course, when you’re exporting a bike like the 97cc Hero Honda Splendor, the world’s top-selling motorcycle from 2001-2003 according to Wikipedia, a low purchase price is going to do far more for sales than a simple re-badging. The company sold over five million motorcycles in India last year, but it wasn’t for wheelie-popping performance.

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