Street Triple new lights


No more manic googly eyes for the Street Triple.

Triumph has updated it’s 675 Street triple with new headlights and … nope, just new headlights. The lights are the new ‘almond’ shaped jobbies that were debuted on the bigger 2011 Speed Triple.

According to these are the only changes to the bike, with the R model also expected to see the upgraded lights and nowt else.

UPDATE – 29th March

Okay, in CMG tradition, just when we thought we had the info we needed they go and release some more. It appears that the new Street Triple also gets aluminum bars as well as some "de-chroming" to remove some of the sparkly touches around the exhaust, footpegs and risers (now in less sparkly stainless steel).

Oh, and it also comes in deep purple as well as white. The colour, not the band.


  1. “No more manic googly eyes for the Street Triple.” ??
    The new lights look shite, the horror, the horror!

    Shame on you Triumph, you foooked up me bike! 🙁

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