New pics of KTM Freeride


KTM’s electric motocrosser retains the looks and dimension of an internal combustion engine-powered machine.

Do you like electric motorcycles? If so, check out these new pictures of KTM’s Freeride electric motocrosser from the Derestricted blog.

There’s not a whole of news since the bike prototype was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in 2010, although the blog says battery life seems to have been improved over the prototypes. seems to think the bike will come into production in late 2011, which would keep it in-line with what KTM originally promised, but we haven’t been able to confirm that ourselves.



  1. I really think the future is electric, no gas bills will be the clincher, no fumes, no noise, motorbikes are so cool, electric cool!
    Recharge at night off peak is the key, for pennies on the dollar friend, to fun and riding these future machines – yeah, I know die hard fossil fuel detractors will sniper me out. Time for change, time for traditional things to die. signed (ranting electrical spike), :cry

  2. Looks awesome. Now lets get them onto the trails and tracks to actually verify run time and battery life.

    All this postulating about about run time is getting tiresome. That is the only question remaining about any battery powered vehicle. Unfortunately, if my phone and laptop are anything to go by, battery life will still be a major issue :cry

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