Mr Seck's Day Off


And no, it’s not Photoshopped!

It appears that no matter where the highly lovable ex-CMG photographer Mr Seck goes trouble will eventually come knocking.

Regular and long in the tooth CMG readers will be quite familiar with Mr Seck’s motorcycling exploits while at this publication (mainly of the spectacular crashing variety) and some may even be aware that when he left CMG he also left Canada and found a new home in Pakistan, where he got a position teaching at the Multan College of Arts.

Well, as if from the plot of the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the principal is not happy with the Seckster and he has not had his contract renewed as a result. But said principal obviously didn’t reckon on the ire of the students, who have taken a liking to the affable expat Canadian and have gone on strike. They are demanding that Mr Seck be reinstated and the principal be sacked instead.

There is still never a dull moment in Mr Seck’s life. More as the struggle unfolds.



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    For now just copy the URL and remove the space.


  2. I give up, if you want to read this thing, just remove the space between the / and the “blog” and it will load.
    Don’t ask me why that space insists on showing up every time. Should I start getting paranoid now? .. 🙂

  3. Jeeze Richard, I thought this was a photo-shop picture.
    I had imagined you were in fact snuggled up to a sexy vixen at the top of a mountain range after having ridden through paradise all day.
    I hate to say this but … YOU ARE MY HERO :grin
    Good luck with this adventure … and please try to survive. :eek

  4. It’s definitely the wild, wild East out here. Thank God I came to Pakistan in search of adventure, rather than a job. I thought the adventures would be more of the motorcycle variety though…

  5. If all goes well, I will be meeting the Governor (Chancellor of the University) this weekend. Hopefully there will be a positive outcome. These kids are amazing and they`ve been kicking the administrations sorry asses with persistent peaceful protests; they`re managing this even though they`ve been threatened and harassed throughout their strike (the longest in the history of the University, BTW!). We had a stroke of luck the other day when I was attacked by a security officer of the University while I was taking pictures of the Vice Chancellor and his goons threatening the kids. When that hit the papers, even the Canadian Consulate woke up and called me to see if I was still alive. 🙂

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